Medical Care

Our list of medical Care services

Sometimes our pets need some extra medical care or attention. We offer a number of medical care services that can help you and your pet during those times. We come to you so that your pet can stay in a familiar and relaxed environment. 

Our services can be scheduled independently or as an add-on service if you already have pet care scheduled.

Administer pills, drops, ointments, and inhalers

  • 1-2 medications add $3 to price of visit
  • 3-5 medications add $5 to price of visit
  • Call for inhaler pricing
  • Administer medications only visit $20

Shots*-medication, allergy, vitamin injections, etc.

  • With visit add $10 to price of visit
  • Injection only $35
*We do not offer insulin shots as a service.

Subcutaneous fluids

  • With visit add $10 to price of visit
  • Fluids only $35

Blood pressure checks   

  • $55
  • In-home service 

Wound Care post surgery as prescribed by your vet

  • Call for pricing

We also provide in-home nail trimming for your cats and dogs:

  • In-home dog nail trim $25
  • In-home cat nail trim $35

If you are interested or ready to set up services, select the button below to contact us!

If you have additional questions or medical needs other than what is listed here, please email us or give us a call to discuss (773) 935- 9983.

In case of emergency, we can transport your animal to your regular vet, or if they are not available, to the nearest emergency clinic.