Extra Grooming for Your Pet!


We can offer a bit of extra pampering for your furry family member!

As long as we are hanging out with your furry friend and going on walks, we could follow that visit with a nice brushing of your dog’s coat!

    • Some clients request brushing visits with our walkers to help maintain their pet’s coat in between professional groomer visits.
    • When we brush your pet, we aim to help control any matting or knots, help with excess shedding, and promote an even greater bond between your pet and the walker.
    • We can even include your cat with the grooming session if they are fans of being brushed.

20 minute grooming sessions are $15 between 10-3pm.

Grooming 1
Our very happy customer, Oscar!

Nails & Ears

We also offer in-home nail trims & ear cleaning!

If your pet’s nails are getting long and could potentially be considered weapons, we can trim them! Nail trims our done in your own home and by our most experienced staff so that you and your pet can be more at ease. Nail trims are $35 for 1 dog and $25 for 1 cat. 

Ear cleaning can also be scheduled as an add-on service. If your pet requires an ear cleaning regimen and you have ear solution(s) provided by your vet, we can assist with the ear care in addition to their regularly scheduled walks. Call for pricing. 

Grooming 2
Grooming 3

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