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Founded in 1990 in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, We’re There Pet Care was one of the first established dog walking and cat sitting services in the city. In 2002, the business was purchased by new owners and moved its headquarters to Family Pet Animal Hospital in Lincoln Park. Being a small company, we can give your pets the personalized service and attention they deserve. Our company has an experienced, dedicated, and friendly staff. Over time, we have built a lasting relationship between our employees and our clients. 

How Can We Help You And Your Furry Friend?

Dog Walks

Daily walks, potty breaks, or even longer walks if your pup has energy to burn? We've got you covered!

Cat Care

Need someone to watch your furry friend while you're away? We can take care of them for you! Click here for more information.

Medical Care

If your pet needs additional medical care, we are able to provide assistance. Our staff features experienced veterinary assistants.


Whether they must go to the groomer, vet, or anywhere else, We're There!


Does your pet need a little upkeep in between professional grooming appointments? We can help!

Meet & Greet

We'd love to meet you and your furry friend! Click here or give us a call, we'd love to hear from you!

See Some Of Our Happy Friends

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Customers Reviews

We Are NAPPS Certified!

 NAPPS celebrates the entrepreneur and embraces your right to run your professional pet sitting business your way within the parameters of the law while always safeguarding the health and welfare of pets and possessions under your care, custody and control. It is suggested you always consult an expert or legal professional and understand that practices and laws can vary from local, state, tribal and federal levels. NAPPS highly recommends that members carry and maintain specific pet services liability insurance.

Conference/Networking/Webinar sessions presented to you are for your information only and do not necessarily represent the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters’ ethos, policies, or suggested business practices.

As a pet-focused organization, NAPPS encourages the use of humane and positive techniques when caring for and handling animals.

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