Dog Walking

Standard &
Customized Walks

We’re There Pet Care specializes in dog walking and we’re devoted to providing our clients with the best possible service!

  • We offer individual dog walks. Your dog(s) will get daily in-home appointments with one of our walkers. Your dog will receive one – on – one attention. No other dogs will be included in these walks.
  • The standard appointment is 25 minutes. Your dog will be walked in your own neighborhood, given treats, fresh water and affection, all according to his or her particular needs.
  • You will receive an emailed report including a photo, every walk.
  • Standard walks take place Monday through Friday between 10am and 4pm.
  • Also, it is a breeze to check on your scheduled walks with our state-of-the art online scheduling system provided by Pet Sitter Plus.
  • We can develop a customized care plan just for you, or you can choose to stick with a standardized walk plan, whatever works best for you and your pet!
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Puppy Package

These walks are specifically designed to help clients welcoming a new or young furry friend to the family.

  •  These walks are available to help your little one make it through the day until they are potty-trained and ready for full walks!
  • Generally, these 15 minute long visits are scheduled as a mid-morning walk and mid-afternoon walk.
  • Two 15 minute visits a day for a required minimum of 3 days per week are required to qualify for the puppy package pricing ($32 a day/ $16 each walk).

Policies & Prices

Policies & Prices

Early, late, weekends, & holiday walks or visits:

Our clients lead busy lives. We understand sometimes you have to head out early, get stuck at work late, or maybe have an appointment or event to attend. When you can't be there, We're There!


  • Our weekend schedule is first come first served basis.
    • Please book services as soon as possible to guarantee availability. Services for weekends must be requested no later than 12PM on the Friday before.
    • We are able to accommodate many types of services on weekends.


We’re There Pet Care observes the following holidays each year:

New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

    • Remember: holidays fill up quickly! Booking in advance is recommended.
    • Service hours are between 10am – 2pm only. Visits are 20 minutes long.
 3+ days a week1-2 days a weekPeriodic/As needed
25 minute walk$23$24$30
15 minute walk$20$21N/A
45 minute walk$31$32N/A
60 minute walk$38$39N/A
 3+ days a week1-2 days a weekPeriodic/As needed
25 minute walk$24$25$31
15 minute walk$21$22N/A
45 minute walk$33$34N/A
60 minute walk$39$40N/A
MedicationAdd $3-5*
WeekendsAdd $4
Late/Early**Add $4
Holidays***Rate Doubled (ie: 1 dog= $48)
3+ days weekly pricingReoccurring and regularly scheduled weekly walks
1-2 days weeklyReoccurring and regularly scheduled weekly walks
Periodic/As NeededIrregular scheduled walks. Added when needed or sporadic scheduling.

*Call for specific medication pricing or visit our medical care page.

**Early/Late visits are considered before 10:00am or after 4:00pm.

***Holiday visits are 20 minutes and scheduled between 10:00am and 2:00pm only.

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