We’re There Pet Care is amazing. We’ve used them for a couple years and they’ve only gotten better! They now send emails every day with updates on our cats including pictures! It’s great to see my animals getting loved on as well as daily updates about their food/water etc. I would recommend WTPC to anyone and everyone!

– Daniel D

I am so happy with We’re There Pet Care. They take photos of my pups on every walk and email a detailed report promptly afterward. I very much enjoy getting the emails when I’m away at work. Leaving my babies at home during the day is so hard but I know they are in good hands and well taken care of during their visits. I appreciate We’re There Pet Care and am grateful for their service!

-Kali M

This company was great. I had a last minute need for someone to look in on my cat for four days, and they were more than accommodating on short notice. Desi, a Managing Partner, met me promptly at my apartment to get my keys. She immediately bonded with my cat, asked all the right questions, and even offered to water the plants. When I got home, I got a “Pet Report Card” describing each day’s visit from Alex, the caretaker.  He filled my cat’s water every day, cleaned out her litter box, and clearly spent time with her, since she was in calm, happy spirits when I got home. I highly recommend them for cat visits!

-Kevin G

I can’t say enough good things about their dog walking services.  They are reliable, easy to work with, responsive, and professional.  Their goal is to exceed their clients expectations, and they deliver.  Casey, our dog walker, always leaves notes and let us know how our pup did that day, and we love the peace of mind that he’s being taken care of while we are at work.  Desi, the manager, is always prompt in her responses to our messages, whether we want to add an extra walk, remove a scheduled walk, add instructions for the day, etc.  

Great company!

– Jamie 

A neighbor just asked about my dog walker so I thought I should take a minute to also write a review of We’re There Pet Care.  We have been extremely happy with the service provided by WTPC.  I love that there’s a “team” of walkers available so you don’t ever have to worry about a walker emergency and scrambling to find someone to fill in.  Desi handles all that for you.  I also like the accountability their “pupdate” software provides.  I know each day the walker is there during the time he’s supposed to be there.  Family Pet is my dog’s vet clinic and there have even been times when they’ve been able to facilitate medication pick-up/drop off (I think there was a small fee for it but it was well worth it considering I don’t own a car).  Great service. I highly recommend them.

-Deborah K

I travel regularly for work, and WTPC has been taking care of my 2 cats for over a year and half. While decent dog walkers/sitters are abundant in Chicago, not everyone is good with cats, but WTPC is AWESOME! They have gone above and beyond when one of my cats has been sick to try to help. They don’t hesitate to contact you if there are issues or concerns, but otherwise you are confident that your fur-babies are in good hands, and come home to wonderful summaries about each visit. The sitters genuinely like both cats and dogs, and are reliable and dependable. I have recommended them to several people who have been just as pleased with their services.

-Wendy S

I have used WTPC for over 10 years for my dog.  They are reliable and flexible and my dog loves the daily walks. My wife and I have a varied travel schedule and Desi is very understanding when it comes to last minute changes. I have been home several times when the walker arrives and their love of our dog is obvious.  Recommend them heartily!


If you are looking for someone to watch/walk your dog, look no further.  We’re There Pet Care is the right contact for your pet.  Our dog, Greta is almost 12 yrs old and we have been using WTPC the whole time.  Desi and Nate are wonderful people and they hire the best staff. Desi and Nate always return your call/email and they are always willing to do anything for your pet or owner.  The staff is super-responsible.  They always leave wonderful notes about the walks with your dog. They even remember your pets bday and leave a nice bday card.  What a nice touch! They certainly go beyond their duties.  I strongly recommend this team.

-Angela M

We’re There Pet Care is THE BEST IN THE CITY!!!!!  The walkers are great and actually walk the dogs for the length of time promised.  The management is fantastic.  They call  to confirm all changes and they are very, very responsive. I can’t recommend any Pet Service in Chicago more highly than We’re There Pet Care!!!  🙂       (And I’ve been using Pet Services in Chicago for over 20 years!!)

-Elizabeth L

We’re There Pet Care is THE BEST service in the city! I’ve had dogs in the city for almost 20 years now and have used a number of different services over the years. With We’re There, I can say that my pets and I have received top-notch, number one customer treatment, professionalism and true love for the animals they care for. My dogs are both elderly and need a little extra care at times and We’re There has always made sure they got the care they needed and the dog walkers have gone above and beyond the call of duty!! This is an affordable service, where the dogs actually DO get walked for the amount of time promised and are well taken care of. We’re There also returns every message in a timely manner!! What a JOY to have We’re There Pet Care taking care of my dogs. I could not recommend them more highly. Their overnight pet sitting is also EXCELLENT!!! Thanks We’re There, you guys and gals are SUPERB!!!! 


We’ve used We’re There for almost 10 years and have recommended them to all our friends for their great dog walking service. Pat has been our walker for over 2 years and he is so good with our often hard to handle dogs. They can’t wait for him to arrive every day.

-Jennifer S

We’re There Pet Care is AWESOME!! Desi and the WTPC team offer premium, personalized and professional pet care. They were recommended to me by my veterinarian’s office (Family Pet). That gave me great peace of mind and comfort right from the start. My dog, Abby, has been cared for by We’re There for more than a year. She is always so excited to see Rosie or Desi. They provide excellent, consistent daily dog walking/play care — and they’re also available when I need them for overnight sitting. Desi, Rosie and the We’re There team are helping me raise a happy, healthy puppy. That’s something that I’m extremely grateful for. I HIGHLY recommend the We’re There Pet Care team!!

-Megan F

These guys are GREAT!  I have 2 dogs (one quite old with special needs) where WTPC has been walking my “children” for over 12 years.  I am confident that any of the walkers that service our pouches needs give excellent service.  They leave a nice status report on the dogs “business”, refill water bowls, clean them up during bad weather and so much more.  I am sometimes home with they come and my dogs are SO HAPPY to see them, just as if they are visiting with an old friend. 

-Michael R

We’re There Pet Care met and exceeded my expectations. I recently had to be away for business for a week and hired We’re There to take care of my cat.  They were prompt and thorough during our initial meeting and even offered to check my mail and water my plants. Upon my return, I found a happy cat and a “Pet Report Card” with a task checklist as well as comments about each visit and the name of the caretaker.  I was so happy to have found a service that goes above and beyond and can’t wait to use them again! Truly excellent.

-Claudia R

I love We’re There. I have been using them for almost 1 1/2 years. My dog is a rescue and he had some issues early on, but Desi and her staff worked with me (and didn’t give up!) Gabe and Nate are the best and they LOVE my dog! I would be lost without them.

-Anne F

My kitty is WELL taken care of, the daily notes are hilarious to read, and more importantly they will go above and beyond!  Nate was even going to Federal Express my medicine that I forgot! Highly recommend the team.

-Roxann P

Absolutely love We’re There Pet Care.  The owner and each of the walkers take great care with each of the pets that they walk.  We get a daily report left on our kitchen counter (from Gabe) on how the walk went for the day.   If there is an urgent issue, we’ll receive a phone call from the owner directly.   We love We’re There and would recommend them to anybody.


WTPC is the BEST. With all the dog walking companies out there, it is hard to know who to chose but WTPC has been around for over 20yrs – that says a lot about the quality of their business.  Everyone from the management to the actual dog walkers are great – they are extremely accessible by phone and/or email. It is easy to request/cancel services on their online portal. I wouldn’t trust my puppy’s care to anyone else.  In addition to my puppy, I have a dog aggressive dog (who I opt not to have anyone else walk for my own peace of mind) – WTPC took the time to get to know her so that she can be out and about in the house when they come over – the fact that she trusts them in her home is a true testament to how patient and kind they are to dogs. Jordan, our dog walker, leaves notes about both of my dogs, even though she technically is only responsible for the puppy – I love knowing they are in good hands when I am at work. Thanks, WTPC!