4th of July can be a lot of fun and relaxing with friends and family alike, but the celebrations often cause anxiety, stress, and more than you bargained for, especially trying to celebrate with our furry friends. We have a few hints to help everyone celebrate the holiday safely and happily. 


  • Make sure your dog is wearing her/ his collar, and that the collar has accurate and updated identification tags securely attached. Or, if your dog has a microchip, she/ he can be returned home as quickly as possible if lost
  • Make sure that any and all bug spray, sunscreen, candles – citronella especially – are out of reach and labeled as “animal friendly” or “pet friendly”
  • Consider hiring a dog walker or pet care provider if you are traveling for the holidays. We are available to help keep your dog in her/ his routine, diet, and to get her/ his regular exercise – and to keep you aware and worry-free!


  • Leave alcohol unattended or unsupervised around animals
  • Over-do it on holiday decorations, including hats for adorable pictures. If swallowed, they may lead to indigestion, digestive track blockage, or worse
  • Change your dog’s diet. Everybody loves a good burger or hot dog, but nobody likes stomach problems afterward. “Just this one time,” can turn the party into a bad time quickly.
  • Let your dog out for the fireworks show, especially the grand finale. Keep her/ him indoors. The loud noises are stressful and potentially traumatic.

There are a few tips to better prepare your dog for the fireworks, such as closing the windows and blinds to help keep the noise and light out. It may also be helpful to have the air conditioning running to help block the party outside. In addition, leaving the radio or TV on can provide a more soothing or distracting environment to enjoy. 

If you know your dog doesn’t like other loud noises, such as thunderstorms or construction, it is a good idea to communicate with your veterinarian to find methods to help further reduce the stress and potential trauma of the fireworks show. Having a variety of toys,  plenty of water, some food or treats, and even a few pillows and blankets to cuddle into can really help your dog relax and enjoy the holiday as much as you are! Another option is to consider getting your dog a Thunder Shirt, which is worn to put safe and comforting pressure around your dog’s chest.

We hope these suggestions help make for happy dogs and a happy Birthday,  America!