Medical Care

If your pet needs additional medical care, we are able to provide assistance. Our staff features experienced veterinary assistants. Here are some of the medical services we offer:

  • Administer pills and ointments
    • 1-2 medications          add $3 to price of visit
    • 3-5 medications          add $5 to price of visit
    • Administer medications only visit $15
  • Shots-medication, allergy, vitamin injections etc
    • With visit                     add $15 to price of visit
    • Injection only              $20
  • Subcutaneous fluids
    • With visit                     add $15 to price of visit
    • Fluids only                  $20
  • Blood pressure checks          $50
  • Wound Care post surgery as prescribed by your vet           Call for pricing

We also provide in-home nail trimming for your cats and dogs:

  • In-home dog nail trim            $35
  • In-home cat nail trim             $25

If you have additional questions or medical needs other than what is listed here, please give us a call to discuss (773) 935- 9983

In case of emergency, we can transport your animal to your regular vet, or if they are not available, to Chicago Veterinary Emergency Clinic.